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"Why not start a catalog of related accessory items that celebrate the art of celebrating? And that's how this catalog came to be - a fun, unique collection of party accessories and furnishings to share with your closest friends and family... Shall we call it After 7? No, make it After 5, and let us have more time to celebrate. We select and create our goods with quality, uniqueness and a touch of zaniness in mind. It’s this mindset that keeps us celebrating no matter what season it is." - After 5

The Party Is Here Flag - Show your colors. Show the way. Our "The Party's Here!" flag beckons revelers in a vibrant and festive mix of color and design. This cocktail flag is made of weather- and fade-resistant nylon with custom embroidery detail on glasses, it features a reverse image on the back. 2-piece collapsible 60" flag pole and adjustable, aluminum mounting bracket offered separately. Cocktail flag dimensions: 28" x 42". $24.99

These bodaciously cool Light-up Martini Glasses feature an LED light reflecting up through the stem and into your drink. Crafted of party-durable, clear acrylic, each Light-up Martini Glass contains three LED lights that shift through 8 different glowing lighting modes with the touch of a button (7 different steady-on colors and 1 fading mode that changes colors). They're washable, reusable, and include replaceable AG13 batteries. Hold 7 oz. each. Sold as 4-glass set. $29.99

We've all performed the Cirque du Soleil wine glass balancing act at parties: plate of food in one hand, wine glass in the other, with conversational gesticulation, occasional bites of food - and for the big finish, the cascading splash of merlot on the host's white carpet. Well, consider this wine glass plate clip a lifesaver for your next party. It's like a much-needed third hand, securing your stemware to your plate as you move and mingle. These wine glass holders are made of brushed stainless steel with rubber inner surfaces to grip plates without scratching. U.S. made. Set of 6. $18.99

From the floor of the Sistine Chapel, it's approximately 70 feet to the ceiling - where Michelangelo's Creation of Adam painting resides. So most people miss the martini glass and olive between God's and Adam's hands. Not us. Hey, lets make drink coaster from that. We've never missed an opportunity to see a martini and olive. That is why we put this work of art on our set of four corked backed cocktail coasters. So if you are religious about your next Martini cocktail than you've got to have these drink coasters. Set of four drink coasters comes with its own stand. Our Michelangelo Creation Drink coasters are made from durable hardboard with glossy easy to clean surface. 4 "x 4". $24.99

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