All Women's Talk Turns an Internet First into an Online Addiction

By Katherine

In what is a first for the intertubes, is a website which follows in the same vein as the Jennicam of the late '90s, or even the Truman show, if you will. Justin, a web entrepreneur, has a head-cam attached which follows every moment of his day, even in the bathroom and when he sleeps. The video is streamed across a mobile network, and onto his site, which also features a calendar notifying his viewers of upcoming plans in his life, plus a live Internet Relay Chat - which as you can imagine, gets fairly interesting sometimes as viewers discuss what Justin is up to. It's an addictive watch, and sucked me in for the better part of an hour last night, as I saw him eat lunch with some friends...

As you'd expect, the live chat taking place on his site is often more enthralling than the live cam, as viewers laughed at his female companion's clothing, commenting her jacket looked like 'a Prussian army jacket', and that Justin should 'buy another burrito'. Other comedic moments involved people urging Justin to 'shag her', and 'tell her to shut up already'.

Justin has been filmed 24 hours a day for over eight days now, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. He and his several business partners have managed to secure sponsorship, in the form of a soft drink, which will be occasionally featured in his life, and plan on attracting more advertisers.

Placing a lot of trust in his online community, his mobile number is posted on his website, where fans can phone him, and let him know their thoughts on the site - and, in one extreme, hack his caller ID and ring the police, reporting a stabbing at his apartment, which several viewers did last week. The police arrived, at close to 2 AM last Wednesday, with guns drawn, and were shocked to find only several nervous geeky men in the lounge, playing on their laptops. All rather exciting viewing for the many addicted viewers.

Definitely worth checking out when you have a spare hour, but remember - he lives in San Francisco so there's a weighty time difference to us Brits. Needless to say, I'm addicted. Who needs Celebrity Big Brother when you can watch a loveable geek go about his daily business, instead?

Oh, and girls? Eye-candy exists in the form of Emmett, his 'software hacker'. Or maybe I have odd taste...

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