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Last August I wrote about our first trip to look for wedding rings at I. Gorman. Since that time we had planned to browse around some other stores and see what other jewelers had to offer. Well five months have gone by and with the wedding fast approaching we knew we had to order our rings soon. We never did get around to looking at other stores. We had such a good first experience and Fiance liked a band there so much we decided to not waste any more time. So last Thursday we bought our rings!

Fiance ended up getting a simple band made of palladium. The outer part is a shinier silver color while the inner is a more mat silver color.

If you don't know what palladium is, it is a rare metal from the same family as platinum. This means that palladium is a naturally white (i.e. silver) metal. The main difference is it is much lighter then platinum, which comes in handy if your guy has never worn a ring before and can't get use to the heft on his finger. The other main difference is it is a lot cheaper then platinum but provides the same look. This wasn't always the case- up until 2001 palladium was more expensive but then the popularity of platinum took off making it a rarer metal and thus driving up the prices. Fiance's band should be in from Germany in about 6 weeks.

As far as MY ring...I ended up with a simple platinum band the same width as my engagement ring (an emerald cut solitare). I tried to like the bling...really I did. I tried on a ton of different pretty, shiny, diamondy rings but they all seemed to be too much. They actually took away from the simple beauty of my engagement ring instead of enhancing it. I'm really happy with my choice and happy I didn't spend a ton on something I wasn't totally sold on. The only bummer was I had to give up my engagement ring so that they can match my bridal band to my engagement ring. This way they will fit together instead of there being a gap. So for now I'm single again (just joking!). I'll get it back by the end of the week.

Lots of things had changed since our last trip to I.Gorman...mainly they have moved across the street to a MUCH bigger store. One thing hadn't changed, though, and that was the great service we got from Venita. She was incredibly knowledgable about all the rings and different metals (she even knew the history of the metals as they have been used in jewelry making). And once again she didn't try to upsale us on anything. She had no problem with me picking a plain band and even saved me a couple hundred dollars by selling me a ring they had acquired when the price of platinum was a little lower then it is now.

The best part is we bought our rings on the first day of a two week storewide sale! So we got 10% off. If you are in the market for rings and you have any interest in the modern designs at I.Gorman now is the time to check it out. Everything in the store is 10-70% off!

In my last post about I. Gorman I featured some of their beautiful rings, so I thought this time I'd show you two of their gorgeous necklaces. I love their clean and simple lines.

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