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Retracting the Claws ...

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**By Laura Oler **

One of the greatest luxuries a woman can have is at least one close friend. That one person who is there for you when you get dumped, is cheering for you when you swear off double-fudge brownies... again, and the one pal that will always be your walking full-sized mirror (she would not let you wear red, pleather pants and Bedazzled purple sweater if her life depended on it).

With this one great friend, this shopping buddy, this eating companion and fashion security guard in mind, I pose the question, why all the animosity? Why do we as women find it easy or even acceptable to be so mean and catty to each other? Isn't it enough we as women have to prove ourselves more and have more hoops to jump through and hurdles to snag our stilettos on?

I think it's o.k. when we see a beautiful woman to be in awe or even be intimidated, but is also o.k. in that phase of awe or intimidation to pay that gorgeous creature her respects in a silent smile or moment of eye content that does not flash any sort of threat or maliciousness. We find time for so many things like our kids, our careers, our lovers and even our pets, finding the time to criticize another female trying to make it in this world seems like a waste of the precious time we have so little of for ourselves.
We are all individuals** with our own struggles, victories and flaws. It would be such a comfort from one woman to another to be able to look at you with love and strength and **view you as ally **instead of an enemy.

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