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Killers Deception and Spies...Oh My

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By Rania Yacoub

This fall season is going to be no laughing matter, when it comes to movies…or is it?

September brings us at least **a couple of movies per week **that you absolutely can’t miss!

The big names hitting the box office this month such are Cage, Pitt, Cloney, DeNiro and Pacino. Hollywood sure knew what they were doing when they featured these guys because they are sure to bring in the big bucks at the movies!
Here are some examples of what’s in store for us:
September 5: If you haven’t already seen it, “Bangkok Dangerous” starring Nicholas Cage opened this weekend. Cage plays an assassin that travels to Thailand to do his sinful deeds. Cage’s stoic face definitely fits the role and if you’re in the mood for shootings, chases, and crime, this is the movie for you!

September 12: The bad-ass and well-respected duo that everyone loves, DeNiro and Pacino are in “Righteous Kill”. This is a psychological thriller of 2 veteran NYC cops that are on the hunt to find a serial killer and solve mysteries on multiple levels. You can count on these 2 legends to make a “must see”, for sure!

Also dropping on that day is “Burn After Reading”. This film also stars a crowd-loved duo, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. These playful pals star in this goofy, dark comedy filled with spies and satire. The talented John Malcovich is also thrown in the mix, which you can imagine, makes this movie even more cynical yet intriguing.

It will be exciting to see which talented duo tops the charts that weekend!

September 19: “My Best Friend’s Girl” with Kate Hudson,** Dane Cook** and Jason Biggs. This romantic comedy yet raunchy flick is sure to attract quite a crowd. Dane Cook is the master of deception when it comes to making deals with ex-boyfriends that want their girlfriends to come running back to them. Kate Hudson doesn’t play her usual sappy character and Jason Biggs always brings a laugh to the table. This movie seems to have all the right ingredients to spell out F-U-N-N-Y!

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