No Glitter, No Glory ~ ...

From Bobbi Brown to Dior glitter makeupwas on the spring runways. But none ruled it like Anna Sui. Now its time to take all that glitters into the spring look you’re living.

Anna Sui’s **Glitter Eyecolor Stick **is finally available and it’s in 5 shades including a blue and a purple.

But I’m sharing with you the ultimate in sparkles…for a few years now whenever I’ve needed that bit of glitter, but didn’t want to look like a raver girl I reached for my friend Jodie U’s **secret ingredients **in Lit Cosmetics.

Lit Cosmetics glitter is amazing because unlike other glitter bases this one is completely organic, and when it’s on you don’t even feel the glitter is there. No sticky, itchy, fly everywhere mess. **Best of all the patented **water-based glitter base will last you for years. It’s a bang for your buck “must have.”

Fun names like Cowgirl Metallic to Oprah, - the creativity behind this glitter rivals O.P.I. and Urban Decay. **Army Brat **is one of my staple favs. And my other preference is the super fine S2 (Lit comes in a few sizes of sparkle).

Remember: No Glitter, No Glory!!

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