Finding Nemo... or Who Ever I Call Myself Today.

By Dianna Hernandez

Hello my name is Dianna, with 2 Ns! many people get that confused and spell it wrong. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. And if you call me Diane. I hate that name. But it's only one of the many names I have. There's Melba, she’s a lovely lady, proper and true. She's a large black woman from the south. She believes whole heatedly in Christ and lives her life for him. She is always kind. Then there is Sally. Sally is a dirty little teen who does as she pleases and wants only to have fun all day long. She has no responsibilities or worries, but she can sometimes be quite mean. Her fresh tongue might cut you to the core and she'll just walk away laughing. Don't ask Sally if you look fat in that dress- she'll tell you the truth. But she's strong and honest and doesn't take any "cr-p" from anyone. She likes to teach women how to do the same. Many woman love to hate her. She is very sexy and likes to flaunt it. Finally there is Dee Dee. She is a child-like spirit, who loves to laugh, love and dance. She falls in love at the drop of a hat and then gets her heart broken because she is quick to believe men's lies. She is easily hurt by words and actions and would rather run and hide then fight or argue. She just wants everyone to be happy. But she is often filled with sadden because she can't seem to find her way home.

These females are all different, but they are real in me. Each personality has her own place and time when she makes her appearance because I need her to. I am not crazy nor do I have multiple personalities, I have just come to realize who I am and how I need in my life. They help me get a long in this difficult world and I appreciate their help. Who's inside you? When was the last time you let your inner child come out and play?

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