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The Instinctiv Application 'Anticipates' What You Want to Hear Next ...

By Samantha

The way that we listen to music **has never been the same since the **iPod **was launched by **Apple, Inc. way back in 2001. Today, there are a lot of Apple media players that you can choose from, but I personally am still partial to the iPod. Whether I am at home, traveling, walking or jogging, I can take an entire music library anywhere with me.

You already know all about the iPod shuffle, where the **songs **are selected at random -but what if there is an **application **which takes the shuffle to the next level?

According to

Instinctiv Shuffle, is an iPod Touch/**iPhone **application (jailbroken ones only, for now), that watches your listening habits to make a smart guess about which **song **you’ll want to listen to next. It claims to guess your **mood **and know exactly what you’ll want to listen to.

The Instinctiv **does sound like a **smart application. Just imagine how **cool **it is to have a program which **anticipates **the **songs **that you want to hear next. Definitely handy if you're in an upbeat mood and don't want to listen to any of the heart-break songs (or vice-versa)!

Visit the official website of Instinctive, where they have embedded a video **of their **ad **which is posted in **YouTube. It features a couple making out with some mood music -but the next tune that the guy played on his iPod **completely shattered the **mood. Check it out, it’s quite funny.

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