How to Sell on EBayIII- Step by Step Guide through


How to Sell on EBayIII- Step by Step Guide through
How to Sell on EBayIII- Step by Step Guide through

So, you've got an account, you had some basic ideas how things work. Now it's time for you to put your item on and start selling it! Really it's easier than you though. It might seems little complicated for newbies who is doing it for the first time. (I remember that I've watched video few times and still didn't get it.) However, how to sell your item for a good price, is another story.

We are not going to repeat something you can easily find in eBay's video. We are going to point out some tips that might be able to help you sell it for more.

The title
Don't use bold all the way, use keywords. Remember how you buy? You put a keyword in and start from there, right? So, the right keyword or few right keyword will help your buyers find you. Also make the title short and interesting. Think about how to catch someone's eye when they scan through the long list.

The right category is very very important to. Because it is another major way for people to find your item. Some people go straight to the point, some rather browser through so be at the right place at the right time might make the difference for you.

**Set your price
Finding a right starting bid price is another important effect for an auction. You don't want to drive your buyer away with a too high of price nor losing money with a too low of price. You might wonder... why there are so many penny auction?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Their Item Does Have a Low Value


They Are Lowing the Starting Price to Attract More Attention as Well as Avoid Their Fees. Often, You Will Find the Shipping Cost is a Bit More in This Situation


They Have a Reserved Price Which Means if the Final Price Doesn't Meet the Reserved Price, Seller Can Keep the Item

When we are buying something, we want as much detailed information as possible. Your buyers too. So, take some good pictures, write a very detailed descriptions of your item, use as much numbers as possible. Plus, pictures are free in description so why not?

Again, it is a complicate process for first timer. We will talk about the rest in next section such as payment options, shipping, and return policy.

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