How to Sell on Ebay


How to Sell on Ebay
How to Sell on Ebay

I recently got a book from my library called: How to sell anything on Ebay and make a fortune! Frankly, I am not a big buyer nor seller on Ebay that's why I think this book might give me another chance? Although personally I am not a Ebay fan, and no near close to be one, I know there are many women who is doing very good with it and maybe some day, you will too. So, let's get educated, shall we?

First of all, let me make this clear, it is not one of those ebook that promise you, or pretend to promise you that you can make a living off Ebay. (I believe there are people who is making a decent money off Ebay but most of us are just trying to get rid off some of our "trash" here, true?) We are just picking some great tips that could help your "trash" to shine.

Here we go...
Getting start
You need an account with Ebay to get start if you have never register with them. If you also like to buy on Ebay, I will strongly suggest you to use two accounts. I actually got this tip from one of my friends. She is a regular Ebay buyer and seller. She says it's easier to manage each account and if any fraud situation happens, one will not effect another. Pretty smart, hum? Open an account with Ebay to get start. I take 99% of you already have an account so I will move on from here...

Buy before sell?
Let's assume you now have an account and ready to sell your stuff on Ebay. Before you do that, you might want to buy something first. Why? Here is ten reasons why you should buy before sell on Ebay:
• Gain familiarity with eBay functions and features
• Understand market trends, bidding tendencies, and potential prices

• Recognize different sales strategies in use

• Learn how postauction payments work

• Recognize shipping costs and lead-times

• Learn how to interact effectively with others

• Determine which seller policies seem to be best

• Uncover potential sources of goods for resale

• Identify elements of exceptional customer service

• Build a reputable feedback rating before selling

But it's not necessary to learn all the tips through buying something if you really don't feel like buying anything. (You are here to sell, right? ) Next time, we will show you some tips that will give a quick ideas about things you might want to know before you sell.

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