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Hottest Pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio

By Sheila

Saying that Alessandra Ambrosio is sexy is like saying that the earth is round or that men love long legs. It is so obvious that it is almost silly to state it. So without further ado we bring to you, the **five hottest pictures of Brazilian super model**/ super hottie Alessandra Ambrosio!
This picture is sheer glamor **in a very **carnal sense. With that wild hair, the dress and that setting, Alessandra almost looks like a tigress waiting to seduce her prey. And if that’s not sexy, you tell us what is.
The hard thing about facial close-ups is that you don’t have much else to work with. But with a face like hers, Alessandra really does not need anything else. This is a **stunning shot **and even though our eyes do shift momentarily to that shiny necklace she’s wearing, they come right back up to that gorgeous face!
We’re loving the incredibly seductive Alessandra in this very Audrey Hepburn/ Marylin Monroe style picture and god knows it cannot get any sexier that that! Old world glamor never gets outdated and might we say that the black and white only adds to the oomph factor of this picture making it one of our favorite pictures of Ms. Ambrosio.
So far we’ve done glamorous, sexy and striking and now we come to the downright beautiful. Alessandra looks lovely in this shot.Luscious, long, beautiful hair, subtle makeup and the pristine white all make for one very pretty picture!
Sun, sand and Alessandra Ambrosio??? We’re sure that sounds like the idea of heaven to a lot of men out there. And why not? With that perfect body **and that **beautiful sun kissed skin, the picture itself is nothing short of heaven!

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