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Holland Photo Arts ...

In honor of Miss Alexandria finding a reception venue she likes I had to blog about my favorite photographers, Holland Photo Arts. Anne and Bill Holland are another husband and wife team who have won numerous awards for their photography. They are based out of Charlottesville but regularly travel to D.C. to photograph weddings. I love how they capture the everyday aspects of a wedding and make them look spectacular. I'm a sucker for vivid color in photos as well. Starting at $5,400 they are slightly out of my photography budget but when you consider that you are getting two very talented photographers I don't think that's a bad price at all. Many D.C. area photographers cost that much for just one shooter. They regularly update their blog and it is a great place to browse for wedding inspiration.

I know you are asking yourself "what the heck does this have to do with Miss Alexandria and her wedding reception location?" Well after I saw the pics of her place I remembered that Holland Photo Arts shot a wedding there last year. Check out this slideshow of Carrisa and Farrell's wedding at the Ronald Regan Building (International Trade Center) to see all the great pics you can get there.


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