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5 Cuties to Make You Drool or Go "Aww"...

By Meream

1 Adopt Two Cats

Catherine has to let go of her two kitty-cats so if you're somewhere in Dublin, please adopt Judy and Floyd. Check out the photos. They are just too cute. I wish I can adopt them.

2 Five Disney Hotties

These kids are barely legal so I say that the best adjective to use here is "cute." But I will not protest if you think they're HOT or even HELLA SEXY. Which dude is your fave?

3 Can You Resist Peewee?

Peewee will be the adorable pug you see above. Isn't she just too cute? Look at her squinting at you. Makes me giggle! Check out the link for more photos of Peewee.

4 Meet My Baby-Daddy

That will be Joseph Gorden-Levitt, in case you ladies are wondering. I can look at his photos for hours! If you are crushing on him, too, I will be happy to share.

5 Bow + Studs = Sexy Cute

I dare you to check out this 3.1 Philip Lim Edie bag and say you're not smitten. Without the studs, it's cute. But with them, the bag becomes uber-hot and adorable at the same time.

Top Photo Credit:Tommy

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