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Yes You Can Grow Your Own Herbs ...

By Mabelle

I have fond memories of my grandma who had the proverbial green thumb. She had a lovely garden where everything grew - no matter what seed she planted, they sprouted to life, flowered - whatever it is that plants are supposed to do.

When she passed away, I decided to go after her seemingly life-long pursuit of gardening. The problem was, I did not seem to have her green thumb. This is probably one trait that did not run in the family, lol.

Determinedly, I bought these really expensive flowering pots that you can attach on the window-sill. I love salads, so I planted seeds of the herbs and plants that I can use: lettuce, thyme, basil, chives, what-have-you’s.

All I had to do is plant the seed, water the plant and wait, right? But I soon found out that it takes more than that. Not even one single stem of the **herbs **that I planted sprung to life.

Just when I decided to give up and replace my “garden” with artificial flowers - the basil plant sprung to life. Weeks later, I have literally grown my first herb garden. When I need herbs for my salads, I just reach over the window sill and pluck out whatever I need.

I guess I did inherit my grandma’s green thumb, after all!

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