Great Gifts for Handbag Lovers ...


Great Gifts for Handbag Lovers ...
Great Gifts for Handbag Lovers ...

March 7, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: BrS
Great Gifts for Handbag Lovers
Ever find yourself stumped for ideas when trying to buy a gift for someone? Your answer to this question is most likely going to be “yes”! Well, what if you are trying to shop for someone that loves handbags just as much as you do?

Recently, I was faced with just such a dilemma. My friend of twenty-something years had a birthday coming up. She was turning 26 and she is the ultimate handbag collector. Of course, I knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday… a new Fendi bag she had been eye-balling for the past few months. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my friend to death! However, there was absolutely no way I was spending $1500 + on a handbag for HER. Yep, you guessed it! I would have much rather spent that kind of money on a handbag for MYSELF!

So here I was, trying to come up with a creative and thoughtful gift for my handbag-loving friend. Finally, I stumbled across a post Jennifer had made over at the Fashion Row about the following book:

At last, my quest had come to an end! Not only is “This Little Piggy Went to Prada” by Amy Allen a wonderful and clever book, but it also turned out to be the perfect gift for my friend!

(You can check it out here in Jennifer’s post: The Fashion Row » Book: This Little Piggy Went To Prada)

After finding this book, I was inspired to find other gifts that would be perfect for handbag lovers. Below are some of my top picks. I hope you will find them as enjoyable as I did!

Moschino Time 4 Shopping Purse Charm Watch
You can find it here: Save on the Moschino Time 4 Shopping Purse Charm Watch at

Silver Plate Handbag Salt and Pepper Shakers
Check them out here: Handbag Salt & Pepper Shakers at Neiman Marcus

And if you are shopping for someone with a sweet tooth:

(Left) Handbag Cookie Jars from Neiman Marcus - Find it here: Handbag Cookie Jars - Neiman Marcus

(Right) Designer Handbag Cookies from Eleni’s NYC - Check them out here: Eleni’s NYC

(Top) Chocolate Purses from Golda & I - Available here: Golda & I Three Fun Chocolate Purses -

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