Get Ready for Beach Season - Best Exercises to Make Your Legs Slimmer ...


Get Ready for Beach Season - Best Exercises to Make Your Legs Slimmer ...
Get Ready for Beach Season - Best Exercises to Make Your Legs Slimmer ...

If you have planned to go on a sun-kissed beach holiday tour, you would certainly be looking to improve your appearance. The shape of your legs and thighs plays an important role in your appearance when you wear swimsuits or beach costumes. Don’t worry! This article is aimed to help you in making your legs slimmer within leftover short period.
To become β€˜**beach-fit**’, start doing suggested workouts following all the directions as soon as possible. It is better than doing a crash course of getting slim look because quick weight-loss programs may be harmful to long-term health. Some quick weight-loss plans may not suit your body system and lifestyle. So, don’t take risk and be sure of slimming your legs before going on beach holiday tour without getting any side effects. Now, I tell you some proven and trusted exercises to make your legs slim, what is more, you do not need to join a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment.
Wall-sit exercises
Stand straight keeping your back touching a wall. Now slowly move the feet away from wall and bend your knees till your legs form 90-degree angle. Try to be in the same position till you feel comfortable. Gradually, increase the period.

Squatting exercises
Stand straight at the front side of a normal height chair. Keep your feet as wide apart as you can easily do. Shifting your weight on the heels, bend the knees supposing that you are going to sit on that chair. When legs become parallel to the seat, try to hold this position as long as you can. Then start going up slowly to regain standing position. Repeat this exercise at least 6-8 times.
β€’ Now, take one wide stance keeping your toes direction outward. Standing straight, slowly bend the knees in the toes direction till your toes come under your knees. Slowly regain the starting position.

β€’ Keep both the arms down along your body. Take one long step forward raising right leg so high that thigh goes up to become parallel to floor. Now take the giant step backward with same leg and try to reach at starting spot. Repeat the same exercise 6-8 times changing legs.

Stretching exercises
Stand at 12 inches distance from a wall. Place your forearms against the wall. Lean forward. Now, step backside with right leg and make it straight. Press right heel downward on the floor. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Do the same with left leg. Repeat the same exercise at least 5-6 times.

Massage Techniques
Apart from doing the mentioned exercises, massage your feet and legs daily for 15 minutes with a quality body lotion. Start massaging upward from your toes.

Follow these proven tricks consistently to become beach fit having **slim and perfect shaped legs. **

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hi!im anna,and i'm 11 yrs old.!im fat!!!!what can i do to be slim??what exercise should i do for 11yrs like me??pls help!

Great tips! nothing missing!

These are great tips! Definitely going to follow them to make sure my legs are looking perfect on the beach))

There's more to life than being skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won't all these exercises increase your leg size by adding muscle? Or will it actually just lim them down before that.

how long are you supposed to hold the wall sit exercise and are you supposed to repeat???

i am 13 i want to be slim but not buff and musclely like help me pleasee!!!!

I'm going to try it! i'm going to be skinny soon!

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