Easy Stress-Busting Tips to Set You Free ...

No matter how well your organize your time or your life - there will come a point when **stress **will rear its ugly head and creep up on you. It doesn't matter what the cause is: marital woes, break-up, being eternally single, or not being able to keep those excess pounds at best.

Check out this link if you want to try 3 stress-busting exercises. In addition, here's my ten cents worth of advice:
If you feel the nerves starting to creep up on you, take a deep breath and try to R-E-L-A-X!

Talk it out.
Grab two pints of chocolate chip ice cream, drag your girl friend to your apartment and take off whatever load is on your chest.

Go on a laugh trip.
Watch the corniest comedy film on DVD or the latest Ben Stiller flick on the big screen - it'll do you good to take the best medicine which is laughter.

Work it out.
If you're into running, **Tai Chi **or an aerobics class - go! All that sweat and the extra physical training will do you’re a world of good.

Get a massage.
Ooooh - the soothing feeling of somebody's hands on your aching muscles should relieve you of all the stress that you're feeling.

Do nothing!
Yes, you heard me right - do nothing at all. More often than not, stress is caused by having too much to do. Take some alone time by yourself and release all the pent up tension in your body.

There you go. Kiss that stress away and be free. =)

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