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Did Britney Amp Adnan Get Married in Mexico

By popbytes

good morning everyone (yes i'm up early!) below is the latest **STAR** magazine cover featuring more drama for britney spears with a claim she actually married paparazzi dude adnan ghalib while down in mexico (they did go there together) it might sound outlandish - but we are talking about ms. spears - she already had one quickie marriage in las vegas a few years back - and she was married to kevin federline - maybe she thinks the third time will be the charm - like the cover says 'anything goes in brit's mad, mad world' - ain't that the truth!

britney's pregnant sister jamie lynn is also on the cover with her baby's daddy casey aldridge - they're down in louisiana together - and supposedly they're moving into a double wide - which i'm guessing in some kind of trailer - i hate to use the term 'white trash' but i can't think of anything else to say! we've also got more info on kirsten dunst's rehab ordeal - we all know she has been known to drink a little too much - so hopefully she's working her issues out before things get out of control!

in the top corner there's word of a showdown at a hotel pool between jennifer aniston & angelina jolie...that whole tale of drama just won't die! my pal candace at work still refers to ms. jolie as a 'husband stealer' - i'm like girl - it's time to move on - get over it! although you know it would be fun to see the two ladies battle it out 'dynasty' style just like joan collins & linda evans! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS make sure to check out the magazine's newly redesigned website - it's a major improvement!

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