Health on a Budget the Cheapest Healthy Foods ...


Health on a Budget the Cheapest Healthy Foods ...
Health on a Budget the Cheapest Healthy Foods ...

Did you know that there is a way for you to eat healthy and save a lot of moolah on your food expenses? With the recession problems that we have been facing (or hopefully faced), we've all realized that we can always use the savings that we can get from every source - even eating healthy yet inexpensive food items.

So instead of spending your hard-earned bucks for gas to travel to and from the restaurant when dining out - not to mention the bill for mostly unhealthy restaurant food - here's a list of the cheapest healthy foods that you can serve on your very own kitchen.

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Eggs Whether you are looking for something to serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs are cheap and extremely versatile. They're also a great protein source which helps stave off eye problems as you get old.



Potatoes Dirt-cheap potatoes have a negative image when cooked in oil-rich fries or fattening chips. But when they are incorporated in healthy recipes like potato salad - they're really healthy, versatile and inexpensive.



Bananas Bananas can be eaten as is, or they can be combined with your favorite breakfast cereals. Aside from being really affordable, bananas are rich in potassium and fiber - giving you the daily dose of nutrients** **from fruits that you need to stay healthy.


Whole Grain Pasta

Whole Grain Pasta This is another staple food item for all the cheapskates out there (j/k). There's a whole lotta dishes that you can do with whole grain pasta, they're a great protein and vitamin B-source - and they're really tasty, too!



Beets Aside from having a unique taste and color, beets are power-packed with iron, folate and antioxidants.

Yey! So I'll add these really healthy food items to my grocery list to save a few extra bucks - to buy that really fab bag which I saw online! Lol…

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Can't believe I haven't come across this blog sooner :) love the vibe and the info bites!

Hey, I had all of those on my grocery list back in college! But those were good days anyway... :)

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