7 Celebrities with Good Plastic Surgery ...

Celebrities are being pushed more than the rest of us to be perfect, to be beautiful. And so, they turn to plastic surgery as their doorway to perfection. Perfection, in my book, can never be achieved, but they're going to try, at least. These 7 celebrities with good plastic surgery are the few that have (so far) been lucky with great work, and are not scarred with work gone bad like others we know.

1. Sophia Bush

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Sophia Bush, of One Tree Hill, got breast implants. Most people are saying she has the best boob job, and I have to say, I agree. When she got the implants, she didn't get excessive implants and go overboard like a lot of other celebrities have, but rather, kept them smaller and more in tune with her body type, which I find commendable. Yay for small and perky, right?

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