Catch Girlfriend Cheating - 21 Signs ...

By Eliza

Catch Girlfriend Cheating - 21 Signs ...
Catch girlfriend cheating with these simple signs! Cheating in a relationship is a tricky subject. It can be difficult to figure out for sure if she's cheating, and if you confront her about it and turn out wrong, the stakes are high. But don't worry—we're here with these 21 sure signs that will help you find out for sure without putting your relationship on the line!
One way to catch girlfriend cheating is just by confronting her and asking her directly and then observing her reaction. If she looks shifty, does not make eye contact and gets nervous, you will know that something is definitely not right. In some cases the girl would even admit to the guy's face that she's been unfaithful.
Another sure-fire way to catch girlfriend cheating is by watching her behavior. If she seems distant, distracted, unavailable emotionally, less ready for intimacy than usual, she might be cheating on you!
A final way is by catching her in the act, but that's the most radical and painful method most people do not want to go through. So, to catch girlfriend cheating without too much damage to your self esteem, check out our list of 21 sure signs she's been unfaithful:

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1 Her Calls and Texts Are Less Frequent

If she's cheating, she'll call and text you less than usual. However, when together with her, you'll see her checking out her cell phone more. She might be using it to text message her new crush, she might even have an actual boyfriend on the side. If you notice that she doesn't call as often as before, she doesn't answer your messages for extended periods of time, that's a clear sign that she's cheating!

2 If She Is Cheating, She Has More than One Account on Instagram, Snapchat etc.

If your girlfriend has more than one Facebook or Insta account (meaning the same person has multiple accounts), that can be an indicator of cheating. She might be having a very hot back and forth DM-ing with the new guy on her 2nd account without the fear of being caught.

3 She Seems Distracted when You're Together

If your girlfriend looks completely disinterested when you're out with her, if she keeps checking her phone, keeps messaging someone, she might be cheating on you.

4 If She Is a Cheater, She Texts and Calls Someone Often

When your girlfriend is spending too much time texting or calling someone else, especially of the opposite sex, that's a huge red flag!

5 Cheaters Start Dressing Differently

If your girlfriend dresses in a very different manner compared to before, if she makes an effort to look sexier, this can be an indicator that she's cheating.

6 She Cancels Your Plans Regularly

If she cancels your plans far too often or has a new schedule, that can be a sign that she's cheating.

7 She Changes Her Passwords

If she changes her password without telling you, then that's another indicator that something may be wrong!  If she has nothing to hide, why would she deprive you of access to her gadgets for any other reason but to conceal her affair?

8 She Lies to You about Where She's Going

Now, this is especially common if you're out on a date. If your girlfriend tells you that she has plans with a friend but then comes home an hour later with no explanation, don't be mad—be worried.

9 She Hangs out with Friends More Often

If she's hanging out with her friends more often than usual she may be cheating! When you're at home watching TV, text her and find out which of her friends she's with now!

10 She is Texting This Person a Lot

If you notice that she is texting someone a lot, this could be a sign of cheating! Do not be fooled by a girl's name. If she is smart, she saved the new guy under a girl's name. Often, they would use a name of their close girlfriend, but will have it saved slightly differently - for instance, with the middle name or a shorter version of the name. Look through the messages to see if any of those look suspicious.

11 Treats You Differently or Unkindly when She's with You or when She Isn't with You

If your girlfriend starts treating you differently than before or seems to treat everyone else well but treats you badly—that's not good!  It means your relationship is headed south and the reason for this might be another guy.

12 If Her Attitude towards You Has Changed for the Worse

If your girlfriend has been acting meaner towards you than before, think about it.  Many women prefer to leave the previous relationship for the new one. Rarely girls prefer to break up and be on their own. If her attitude is getting worse, she might already be laying foundation with the new guy to make the switch.

13 If She Guards Her Phone - She's Definitely a Cheater

If your girlfriend keeps her phone on lock and always close by, she might be cheating on you!  Especially, if she was much more relaxed about your access to her gadgets.

14 She's Always Chatting or Sending Messages to Someone

If your girlfriend always chatting or sends messages to someone else, this could be a sign of cheating!

15 She Always Has an Excuse for Not Hanging out with You

If she never has time for you or never takes any time out of her busy schedule to hang out with you, there might be a problem.

16 She Leaves the Room to Speak on the Phone

If your girlfriend leaves the room to speak on the phone during your date, that should be a clue!

17 She Has New Accessories or Accessories She Doesn't Usually Wear

If she's got a brand new accessory that you've never seen her wear before, that's definitely a red flag for cheating!

18 She Has Tinder App on Her Phone

If your girlfriend has Tinder on her phone, she may be cheating on you!  Even if she says she downloaded it for fun - I would take it with a grain of salt. All these tech explorations usually end up with one thing - cheating. 

19 She's Even More Flirtatious than Usual

If your girlfriend is flirting with everyone, odds are that she's not just doing it because she feels like it. And if there's a guy she's always talking to or texting, you might want to consider a few things. If you don't want to ruin the relationship — just be sure to watch and listen carefully and then act accordingly.

20 She Avoids Intimacy with You

If you can't kiss your girlfriend and she avoids intimacy with you when she's around, that's a definite indication that something is wrong.

21 She Doesn't Feel the Same Way about You Anymore 

This one can be tough to detect, but it happens more often than you think! Don't get mad or accuse her of cheating on you—just look at everything objectively and then decide what to do next.  When the heat is not there - it's not there. Sometimes it's not worth the fight. 

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