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Be an Original ...
Be an Original ...

The MAC Cosmetics's Originals collection was highly anticipated by MAC lovers all around the world. And the reason why? It brought back many beloved MAC shades including the infamous Parrot eyeshadow... the one that drove people to pay as much as $80 on eBay for it. Now you can own Parrot and new spins on old classics that are a part of this collection.

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Not only do I now own Parrot but I really love how this collection features new takes on some of my first MAC purchases. The first lipstick I bought was Twig, my first lipglassese were Lust and Desire, which I had to keep hiding from my sister because she'd take them. Then of course I wore Pervette to my prom in '96. This collection really brings back some memories.

Rozz Revival - watermelon reddish pink
Chintz on Chintz - sheer mid-tone yellow brown
Utter Pervette - soft pastel pink
Back to Del Rio - deep brown red
Nouveau-Frou - beigey grey pink with white pearl
Retrofluid - sheer dirty deep plum with gold and red
Supersequin - plummy pink with silver pearl
Twig-Twig - neutral brown plum
Sandy B - light shell pink
Russian Red - intense bluish-red

Full on Lust - neutral brown pink
Avarice - mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearl
Real Desire - deep plum with red plum
Nico Now - mid-tone grey purple with multicoloured pearl
C-Thru - soft peached-beige with shimmer

Daisychain - soft yellow beige with soft white pearl
Ochre Style - mid-tone yellow brown with gold
A Little Folie - mid-tone red brown
Memorabilia - dirty purple
Clue - mid-tone dirty grey with silver
Alum - mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearl
Charred - deep steelgrey with silver pearl
Frisco - soft pastel pink
Parrot - deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearl

Kitschmas - light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl
Violet - vivid bright violet-purple
Melon - soft bright golden peach
Golden Olive - high frosted green gold
Steel Blue - rich deep turquoise green-blue shone with small pearl particle

Reflects Blackened Red - sparkling burgundy
Reflects Very Pink - sparkling fuchsia pink
Reflects Transparent Teal - sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Antique Gold - sparkling taupe.

Ebony - soft black
Coffee - muted brown
Indigo - muted greenish-blue

Black Mascara X.

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