Roadmap to Your Fabulous Life ...


Roadmap to Your Fabulous Life ...
Roadmap to Your Fabulous Life ...

**By Samantha Easter **

Last year, a friend and I were discussing our career goals.

He told me his dream job was to be a reporter at ESPN. I asked him what he was doing to get there and he immediately backtracked and said it was impossible and he had no chance of it becoming a reality.

This made me think.

How many of us are so hampered by this fear of rejection or embarrassment that we ignore what we truly want or don't take steps to get there?

I am not advocating everyone quit their jobs to become a artist or max out their credit cards to pay for a trip around the world.

What I am saying is to stop talking or dreaming and get off your butt and start making it a reality.

First, you need to decide what you truly want. Do you want to own your own business or quit your desk job and become a writer? Visualization is very important because it is what will keep you inspired when you want to give up.

For example, my goal is to move to San Francisco and try and make it as a writer, so my goal is to save $24,000 in two years .

Next you have to plan out your dream. Research how best to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Do some research and get as much information as you can and make a map. Make a list of small goals that are easy to achieve.

For my goal I decided to split my goal amount into 24 milestones of $1,000 each.

Finally, the hard part. Start making that dream a reality. Start in on the first goal and work on it steadily till you can cross it off the list. Once you do, don't look back, just focus on the next hurdle and slowly your destination will become a reality.

As Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor company once said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!".

Your turn, what kinds of goals are you all working towards?

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Thaks for this post! I've always wanted to be a fashion designer but everyone al\ways says that it is so hard and unlikely to actually make it, but I'm trying to get some night classes in and I;m learning slowly. It might take awhile but I'm determined to succeed. These tips might just get it done a little faster.

Very inspiring post! Thank you!

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