A Few Steps Closer to Happiness


A Few Steps Closer to Happiness
A Few Steps Closer to Happiness

By Livia Belascu

Most of us spend our entire life hoping to meet that special someone. Some of us are lucky enough to come across someone who we think is really IT. When everything seems to fit into place, why do things still go wrong?

Relationships are hard work. Anyone that would tell you otherwise has probably never had a serious relationship. But what are the things you have to do, or not do, to make sure that big black cloud doesn’t come across you sunny sky?
Here are some tips that could help you along the way:

Do not take “baggage” with you into the relationship. Your significant other is not aware of the shortcomings of your old boyfriends and he is definitely not responsible for all the heartache you had in the past. Let the past stay in the past and instead of spending your energy in remembering what others did wrong; concentrate on what HE does right. Another danger of dwelling in the past would be that you expect him to fail, on account on your previous boyfriends. Give him a fair chance, give your love a fair chance and keep a fresh look and an open mind on things.

Every relationship might come across a bump in the road. No need to panic, no need to draw things out of proportion and think your life is over. Learn to put things into perspective. The perfect relationship does not mean that you will never have a disagreement or a bad moment. A perfect relationship is the one in which you can come out of these bad moments together, stronger than before. Yes, stronger, because you have learned something in the process; something about yourself maybe, something about you together or something about how good it is to able to solve things together. Every bump in the road can be a disaster, if you let it be. However, it can also be something to bring you even closer together.

If you are the one making mistakes (hey, no one is perfect, we all know that) be honest about them. It takes a strong character to admit to being wrong. Make also sure that the word “sorry” is a word you are familiar with and do not hesitate saying it when it is necessary. On the other hand, you should not abuse it. Someone who hears an apology 100 times a day will not be able to take yet another one very seriously.

To continue on the apology part, remember that an apology is worth something only as long as you really see you did something wrong. “I am sorry for whatever you think I did” will not do. Just as “I am sorry but I didn’t did anything wrong anyway” is also not a good idea. Say sorry when you know why you say it and when you mean it.

All this will not guarantee you a happy relationship but it will definitely help keep the sun shining.

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