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Bag Borrow or Steal Store - Don't You Just Love the Idea

By Olga

Hey ladies, I am pretty sure you all have already seen Sex and the City the Movie, and you all probably read the last Vogue issue, but I could not say it enough, I just love, love, LU-U-UV the Bag Borrow or Steal website!

The website and the designer handbags and accessories choice is SO great, it drives me crazy ( in a good way, of course)!

Only a genius could come up with an idea of "renting" the hottest designer handbags and accessories for a very fair price!

Surely, it would be better to OWN all the bags you like, but since a $1500 is a bit too much to spend on a bag every week, the Bag Borrow or Steal idea sounds like a fabulous one!

They actually rent Leiber, Prada, Chanel, YSL - you name it!

You can actually have this Prada for just $150 ($190 for non-members) for the whole month!!!
And this Chanel Patent Classic Bag will cost you only $100 a week!
And remember this Prada Limited Edition? It's only $202 ($208 for non-members) per week!!!
I am sure you will find all the designer bags you were crazy about on Bag Borrow or Steal website and you will have the best bags and accessories without going bankrupt! :)

So, Ladies, which bag you will rent first?

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