Anyone Care for a Mocktail?

I'm not a big drinker but I could go for a few of LORAC's Mocktails at any time of the day.

What's not to love about these lip glosses? They are so much fun, I spent a half hour just swatching all of these glosses on my hands when I first saw them. Each lip gloss is named after a drink and they smell and taste like them too, without the alcohol of course. My favorite thing about this lip gloss is that the applicator and how handy it is. I hate pumping wands in and out of a tube, just hoping to get enough product on the applicator. I wish more lip glosses used this type of built in applicator. The consistency is a bit thinner than most lip glosses, which I like, and it still provides plenty of shine. When I first saw them, the guy at Sephora suggested Tequila Sunrise. I thought to myself "Is he crazy?" but after playing around with it, I actually picked this shade up. It's gorgeous tangerine color that's sheer and adds a great tint to your lips. I can't wait until I can use it with My Sunshine. Now my mind keeps thinking about going back for more.

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