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ANOTHER 7 - Things about Me

By Di

I have been tagged by a couple of bloggers to do 7 Things About Me -Joy of Amity and Allureand I am so sorry but I have forgotten who the other one was as I have lost the email. If you are reading this please let me know who you are.

Now I have done this once before but I will have another go as I suppose we all have more than 7 things we could tell.

1 I Am Not Married. I Have Been Married Twice before but Neither Marriages Worked out and I Have Been with Harvey Now for 23 Years without the Piece of Paper and We're Still Going Strong. I Have Come to the Conclusion That I Am Allergic to Marriage and Why Spoil a Good Thing

2 I Am Infurated by People Being Given Jobs Due to Gender or Race. I Am in No Way Predjudiced but I Really do Believe That People Should Be Employed on Merit. Tony Blair, on Gaining Power in This Country, Appointed a Bunch of Women (the Blair Babes as They Were Known) and They All Ended up Losing Their Jobs as They Were Put There Due to Being Women Not Due to Their Talents. Get Me?

3 Whenever Someone Asks Me What I Wish for Most in the World I Always Say to Die before My Children. That is the Most Important Thing for Me. It Should Not Be Possible for Your Children to Die before You

4 I Used to Be a Knitwear Designer in the 1980s. I Owned a Company Called Dizzy's and Designed and Produced Extremely Expensive Knitwear Appliqued with Calfskin and Beads. I Used to Retail the Jumpers at £300 a Piece then. Hey People Bought Them!

5 I Always Regret Not Being an Architect. I Nearly Started the Training at 40 but Decided 7 Years Was Too Long to Study. I Would Have Been an Architect for 10 Years Now if I Had Done It. Maybe I Would Have Gotten the Contract to Build on the Site of the Gherkin in London and Would Have Done Something That Blended in Rather than Stood out like a Sore Thumb

6 I Am a Great Believer in the Saying Pride Comes before a Fall. I Know so Many People Who Refuse to Take a Step Back and Look at Themselves. We All Have Faults and Unless We Recognise Them We Will Never Solve Our Problems in Relationships, Work or Attitudes. Pride is Not Attractive It's Destructive

7 When I Was 20 I Worked for a Year, Part Time in a Butchers Shop. I Needed the Money and the Shop Was Just around the Corner from My House. I Was a Young Mother with 2 Kids. It Was Awful and Made Me Decide to Never Ever Have to Take That Sort of Work on Again. It Was so Cold in Winter I Used to Have to Line My Boots with Newspaper and if I Told You What Went into the Minced Meat Your Would Never Eat It Again

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