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Alexander McQueen Safety Pin Purse ...

By Tanya

There’s nothing like a safety pin to really elevate a handbag to its most glamorous - at least if the safety pin is larger than life and still doesn’t compete with the rest of the bag’s charm. My common sense urges me to avoid carrying things like this Alexander McQueen Safety Pin Shoulder Bag, but the ruby red hue (gorgeous) is no match for common sense, apparently. The hefty safety pin acts as a decorative accent, yet gives the impression that it’s doing more - cinching the leather or keeping the **purse **closed, for example. It’s described as “swanky” by some folks, though I don’t think that’s a word that really defines what this bag is all about. It’s quirky, bold and unconventional for sure, though.

Available for $1195 at Zappos Couture.

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