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Louis Vuitton Bag from Sex and the City - Price Revealed

By ave

As a big lover of Louis Vuitton bags, I am on the constant lookout for what’s new and what’s going to garner me the most attention (my LV backpack has done the trick so far). So when I spotted that **Richard Prince Motard Firebird Bag** in the blockbuster movie “Sex And The City,” (Sarah Jessica Parker gave it to Jennifer Hudson, who plays her assistant, as a holiday present…yeah, I know, if bosses were that generous, I’d be hauling my ass to New York right this minute!) I knew I had to know more about it!

To my utter dismay, this bag costs a (kah-ching!) staggering $5,400! I love Louis Vuitton but 5 grand? Puhlease! That bag must have cost $1,500 before the movie and as soon as they got it on the set, it suddenly became as expensive as a brick of gold! No, seriously, the price is ridiculous and it’s not even made of some rare lizard from the red book! In my opinion, it’s a cheap shot on Vuitton’s part! Price your goods well, you bastards!

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