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Hermes Medor Clutch Review ...

By Sheila

I remember when a friend asked me, "If there was only one thing you could buy, money not being an object,what would it be?" I have pondered this question many many times. Perhaps an LV Speedy? The Chanel 2.55? A Birkin? While I haven't quite made up my mind yet, I think I'm going to have to add the Hermes Medor Clutch to my list...

What's So Fab about It: Agreed that the clutch by itself is kind of basic, maybe even plain, but one look at the collier de chien hardware and I'm filled with such desire! It is a one of a kind show-stopper, a true work of art, and a tribute to amazing craftsmanship!

Where Would I Wear It: Give me the clutch and I'm sure I'll find an occasion or two to carry it to. Of course, a clutch this fabulous would need an equally stunning dress, killer shoes and exquisite jewelry!

How Many Tall Lattes It's Worth: 1,342

Where to Look 4 It:

All in all, the Hermes Medor Clutch is a classic that will never age and never go out of vogue. I'd sell my soul for this one! Any buyers?

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