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Mary-Kate Waxes "poetic" about a Red Bag

By celebrity

Mary-Kate Olsen wrote a "stellar" piece for the New York Times about this red bag belonging to sister Ashley:

Brand Loyalty
by Mary-Kate Olsen

I have a large, red quilted Chanel bag that I borrowed from my sister, Ashley. I wore it to an event and never gave it back. Luckily, she's moved on to another bag, so I'm safe for now. I'm not quite sure how many bags I have, but let's just say I have a few. When I find a bag I like, I tend to wear it to death until I become obsessed with another one. This probably happens three to five times a year. But I always come back to the Chanel. The size isn't overwhelming, and it has enough subtle detail to keep it interesting. I also have the smaller version in blue and in white, but the red is definitely my favorite. I don't have a stylist - I'd rather just do my own thing and put together my own outfits. The chain-handle bag is the perfect accent to almost any combination I come up with. I look at everything with a designer's eye, but I wouldn't change a thing about this bag. I think that's why it's a true classic."

Wow. Groundbreaking journalism. What was the point?

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