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They say everyone is Irish on St Patrick's day, but even if you don't feel Irish, you can still accessorize the part...

This cute satchel is perfect for the person going places...or who just wants to look like they are. Made from canvas, with a kelly green screen print, and matching leather trim it's the perfect bag to celebrate St Patrick's with style. It's the Hotel Small Yvonne, and while reasonable at $275, not exactly a one time use bag. You can get it at Lulu Guiness.

If your tastes run a bit to the more extravagant, take a look at the Small Stevie from Luella.

A bit less bright kelly, and more jewel toned jade, this east west style has all the Luella hallmarks, but in a shrunken down size. The drop is long enough to go over your shoulder, but the size is small enough to look great carried as a satchel. Too bad the charms don't include a clover, but the heart and bee are cute enough to make up for that. While this bag is from the discount site Bluefly, it is still a pretty penny at $876, which is 20% off retail. (not to go on a tangent, but when I shop Bluefly, I kind of expect to pay a minimum 30%, but closer to 40% off retail...but it's still a great bag.)

For anyone who doesn't want to carry their Irish pride quite so boldly, try looping this watch charm, from Tokyo Bay to the bag you're already carrying!

It's a novel way to keep time close at hand (especially if you're one of those people who eschews a watch and fishes for your cell phone to tell time) and bring yourself a little bit of 4-leaf clover luck. At $25, it's certainly reasonable, and if green isn't your also comes in pink, orange, and purple. From Tokyo Bay .

Have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

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