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Louis Vuitton Summer Collection Monogram Dentelle

By Katherine

The "highly anticipated" Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2007 runway collection (which we wrote about back in September last year) has arrived in stores. "Highly anticipated" by whom? Not by me ... I'm afraid LV is just a bit too WAG for my tastes. I don't even like the classic monogram, it reminds me of those little shaped cheesy biscuits you get on planes now they can't give you peanuts anymore. Where was I? Oh yes, new Louis Vuitton collection. The thing is, they've been designed by Marc Jacobs who presumably set himself a challenge to create the world's ugliest bag. You don't think the one above's too bad? I'm just easing you in...

(The 'Speedy 30' (above) costs £700 and, like the following bags is "subtly adorned with 18th century-style lingerie lace". I'm not sure you can use "subtly" when describing Louis Vuitton bags, but let's forge on...)

This bag, the 'Batignolles Horizontal', comes in an "A4 format, which makes it ideal for carrying documents" apparently. Costing £850, I'd call it the best of a bad bunch, but only because it's relatively inoffensive. Hey, maybe that could be a new line - Relatively Inoffensive by Marc Jacobs.

Yes, I've saved the best worst for last. The 'Fersen' (named after lover of Marie-Antoinette, Axel de Fersen, don't you know) costs £1,220 and is already out of stock online. Why? It looks like it's been fashioned out of bits and pieces from Jordan's scrap box. Hideous.

Stay tuned for more from the collection.

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