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Stop the Market Bag Insanity

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The latest entry in the sarcastic market tote category is from Intuition.

These are by Jaye Hersh exclusively available at her shop, Intuition. This version separates itself from prior "un-knockoffs" by using a tri color racing stripe, which is itself going to remind more than one person of Goyard, especially with the addition of a personalized monogram. From Goyard, stripes and 3 letters will run you a few hundred dollars, they're a relative bargain: stripes are free, initials are $10 a pop. The bag without personalization is $85, with $35 going to The International Rescue Committee a worthwhile organization, so you can feel good about purchasing the tote, which I'm sure many people will do...photographs of the usual stable of Intuition celebrity fans carrying it won't hurt a bit, and it does come in several styles (one, the very cute City Tote, which is almost a replica of the Goyard tote) and most have some sort of attached change purse. I have a feeling this may be the uber trendy affordable bag of the Summer. You can get them only from Intuition.

For the sake of comparison, I've added photos of the previous tongue in cheek totes from Louis Vuitton, and Jack Spade respectively...neither of their versions offer any sort of customization (all the Jack Spade ones have the CC, since they were part of the Chinatown Collection, or for for "Counterfeit Chic" as suggested by the blog of the same name - a great read, by the way)

Personally, I like plastic mesh bags, the original Chinatown street versions, because they are pretty indestructible, cheap, and great for the beach, or in larger sizes laundry and Costco shopping...and they're cheap...really cheap.

However, looking for a photo of an original to feature, I came across a site Direct From Mexico which featured several plastic mesh totes from Mexico in different plaids and some with pictures. I think I'll order the Frida tote for $8.00 (there is a 2 bag minimum, so one for me, one for a friend).

It already has stripes, and I can probably even paint my initials on it...and then send an $85 check off to The IRC myself.

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