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Miu Miu on Sale

By Bag

One of our readers was concerned that we are not sharing enough sale items with everyone. Well, to be honest (and it may sound selfish but....) I've been so busy sale shopping myself that I have not been on my toes about announcing when all the pre-sales are (I just went to the first day of their pre-sale at YSL and also the Tod's pre-sale which proved to be very very fortuitous, I will share with you what I got when I receive the bag this weekend). Pretty much all the big designers are doing their pre-sales right now and the regular sale starts next week or around June 1st (always remember, Jan and June are the big sales months). The department stores are already doing major sales and the online stores are doing free shipping. Here are a few to get you started and give you an idea of the amazing selection available to you at a fraction of the original price. Our favorites from Miu Miu, like the frame version of the coffer is only $906 from $1295 and the shoulder hobo is a mere $591.50 (originally $845)!! Both available at Saks. Free shipping on purchases over $150 with code: SUMMER. Shop away girls!

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