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Handbag News or Handbag "duh"?

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Today's New York Post has an article about the supposed backlash to "it" bags, and instantly recognisable sratosperically expensive designer handbags. Personally, I don't think there is a backlash so much as a desire to not be instantly tagged as a status conscious slave to trends, and the ability to see that great bags don't always come with a household name attached. Even on non bag/fashion sites, like Urban Baby (a vicious parenting site, but also fascinating because of the mixed socio-economic bag represented...enter if you dare)which offers a decent cross section of opinions, there are several "expensive bag" posts a day, mostly met with responses of disbelief that anyone would spend more than $1000, $500, $100, even $50 on a bag, and questions about why anyone would spend $1000 to be a lemming, most people seem to be looking for a great bag for under $500.

While not all inexpensive, the prices range from $50 to $3,750 (yowza!) the article features some cute bags, but few that I would call extraordinary, or even classic...but not a one is what I'd call common in a Kooba Sienna or Botkier Trigger sort of way. I've included links where available, because even if the bag pictured doesn't move you, something else might...and it's easier to poke around that way too!)
They are:

***Top row**(L-R) :Moni Moni Girl "Splendor" bag in plum, $495 at Moni Moni Girl; Gustto small patent "Baca" bag, $695 at Bloomingdales; Latico brown "Vintage" tote, $179, at Endless; M0851 orange "Round" bag, $375, at M0851; Kooba "Mereith" $625, at eLuxury.
***Middle Row**: Devi Kroell for Target gold tote, $50, at beginning mid-July; Aleya "Lesa" shopper, $455, at Henri Bendel NYC (212)-247-1100. Online at Unsung Designers; Jill Stuart "Emelle" oversize patent leather tote, $525, at Macy's; Boyy Bag "Frank" bucket bag $575, at Boyy Bag; J.O.B. ink blue satchel, $885, at Henri Bendel NYC (212)-247-1100.

***Bottom row**: Bulga hobo in coffee, $645, at Henri Bendel or online atBulga; Brio buckle "Amanda" tote, $248, at Endless; Rebecca Minkoff "Matinee" roll bag in maroon, $655, at Nordstrom; Nancy Gonzalez large gold leaf croc tote, $3,750, special order at Bergdorf Goodman.
Read the actual article from The NY Post here

A decent representation, a few companies I may look for to see their other styles, a few lesser known bags from companies I know well, including a surprise from Jill Stuart, known more nowadays for clothing, but who got her start designing cute and funky handbags back when there really was no such thing as an "it" bag.

I know they couldn't out every great smaller bag company in the article, but brands like Isabella Fiore, Anna Corrinna, Hayden Harnett (I could go on, since this is the biggest chunk of bags featured here) among others are conspicuously absent since those are companies making bags in the +/-$500 range that are not only different, but pretty personal in styling. I guess it's just great that there are so many wonderful handbag options out there, at any price, so everyone can be happy. I mean, I love a less expensive "whose is that?" bag, but I also love my more expensive designer bags...though truth be told, the latter I do love to have, but the former are the bags I love to use.

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