It's 10 PM do You Know Where Your Handbag is?

I have a few different things I've been meaning to mention that keep getting away from me (in the name of bringing you new bags, of course) so I figured it's time for a few In My Bag PSAs.

First up: Back in March, I wrote about the Coach Ergo collection, and mentioned Bonnie Cashin and her Cashin Carry line for Coach including a link to an online retrospective at UCLA. Shortly after it was published, I got an e-mail from Stephanie Lake, creative director of the Bonnie Cashin Foundation.

She requested I link to their site, and recognizing the importance of such organizations dedicated to cataloging, maintaining archives, and essentially keeping important designers alive in perpetuity, I am happy to help out. Please take a moment to visit the site...a must for anyone interested in American sportswear designers, women designers, or just innovative forward thinkers. Find them here: Bonnie Cashin Foundation.

Second: Ever just run a search and your search term shows up with a ".com" tacked on the end, and you get this giddy feeling thinking, "wow! there's a whole site dedicated to what I'm looking for!" and when you visit all that comes up is a bland site with a bunch of links? used to be one of those sites, but now they've updated it, feature very current bags with links to retailers, and an easy to navigate search tool. They also wisely secured rights to publish up to date posts from a bunch of handbag bloggers, including yours truly. Take a moment to check it out for yourself at .

Lastly: I updated my links and added a few new ones. Take a moment to visit...

Fashion Tribes for all the latest and greatest stuff you can't miss covering every aspect of the fashion world including a memorial for Isabella Blow , Fashion week reality show, and the very thorough Weekly Web Snob Roundup.

La Blonde Cest Moi where Bergdorf Girl is on the verge of opening an online site Steal My Clothes featuring her own vintage collection up for grabs. She also owns a very easily coveted Morabito bag.

Over on Spork Fashion, friend to the up-and-coming all sorts of unique and emerging designer items are featured such as politically charged, but still cute T-shirts from Vinxi. Her great eye, and shopaholic cred (never mind too small, I once bought 2 left boots...They were the last pair, and they were awesome!) won't be in question when you see the Dior Addict mules she parting with.

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