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By Ebelle5

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Date Added: March 13, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's Day - Get your green B. Romanek Crocodile Rockstar Designer Clutch

Happy Saint Patrick's Day y'all! My S.P. Day started off great now it's slowly dying down.

This morning at midnight I was celebrating life with my boyfriend at the neighborhood lounges. You know a calm evening. Then one of my old college drinking buddies gave me a call because he was in the area with a group of friends, and even weirder, he was standing outside the window of where I was. Interesting. We all party-hardied the morning away, which I now regret as I sit here typing. The only flaw of the night was that I spilled red wine on my new missoni scarf that I purchased hours before (firkin boo). Oh and I was carrying my huge Marc Jacobs (no-zipper-open-mouth) bag full of new purchases that I didn't have time to go home and change before I went out. Thankfully nothing was taken or lost or else that would have spoiled my Saint Patrick's Day. Then I ended up going to bed at 4:am and waking up at 6:30 from pigeons (or seagulls) squawking - which never happens because I live in the heart of downtown and usually that sound gets flooded out by cars, honkers, ferries or boats beeping their horns and homeless people screaming for no reason. Now as I look outside into the dark and gloomy atmosphere I really don't want to participate in the Saint Patrick's Day celebration - I just want to go shopping. Good idea. After this post I am going to celebrate my Saint Patrick's Day at Nordstroms and Barneys, viewing their stash of bags and planning a future purse purchase.

sorry for boring you with my random "day in the life of Jennifer" post

So about the bag. . . What celebrity doesn't own one of the vibrantly colored crocodile skin B. Romanek Rockstar Clutch? It has been spotted in the arms of a handful of our favorite celebrities. Eva Mendes and Ashley Olsen have it midnight blue, Sophie Monk and Rachel Zoe have it in the lipstick red, and Heather Locklear and Ashlee Simpson have the forest green version. Do you have the B. Romanek Crocodile Rockstar Designer Clutch yet? It's a beauty. Way more stunning (like most bags) in real life.

The B. Romanek Crocodile Rockstar Designer Clutch is also available in (gorgeous) Purple, Turquoise, Cognac, Black, Chocolate, Bone, Midnight, Salt and Pepper, (stunning) Lipstick, and Lime Juice. Available in small (7" width x 4.5" height) for $1,625, Regular (9" width x 10" height) for $1,950, and Large (6" width x 17" height) for $2,495.

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