100K Diamond Alligator Clutch

This is a metallic silver alligator clutch with 18-carat white gold hardware encrusted with 1,500 black and white diamonds. Is it fab? Yes, only because just one is made every year. And sure, having a clutch full of diamonds has got to make a girl feel a little like Marilyn Monroe but what does that really get you? To be honest, as far as clutches go, this is not even all that. The style is very mature, the shape is typical and having all your diamonds on one clutch doesn't seem to make much sense. For $100,000 wouldn't you rather have one giant perfect rock? According to Abazias Diamonds, I can get a flawless emerald cut diamond that is 3.73 carats and D color (the most perfect of white) for the same money. Or you can go wild and get a 6 ct with a less desirable H color but still excellent clarity of VS1 for 100K. I personally think color is more important than clarity because you can see how white a diamond is with the naked eye but you need a special microscope in a pitch dark room to see the inclusions (flaws) of a diamond. For more diamond entertainment, you can check it out yourself at the Abazias website and play with the super fun diamond finder. To purchase the clutch, contact Lana Marks at 212-355-6135.

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