Pink Leather Digital Camera Case by Kodak

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Pink Leather Digital Camera Case by Kodak

I was on the hunt for a camera case for โ€ฆ oh probably years. Especially with my camera turning on and wasting battery if I take it anywhere with the batt left in. Ugh. Just recently, I also decided I needed a new digital camera, a small one with a โ€œmacroโ€ setting. Now not only does my new camera do away with my cam problems, is on beat with modern technology & fun other settings in addition to macro, and it comes in pink(!) but it doesnโ€™t even turn on randomly due to its optical lens features.

Still, when I found the cam, things just *clicked* into place and I found the perfect little case! Itโ€™s pink as well, is small enough to secure the camera, but with extra room to fit small accessories, in genuine leather and its darn cute to bag! Clearly meant for a camera, with padded sides to protect your gadget and a multi-colored dangling fob including a camera charm, it could even be a small clutch with its fashionable look and wristlet strap. The buckle + charms combo remind me of COACH meets Luella. Love it!

The price is darn right a dream, too: $24.99 and your order might come with free standard shipping. Oh yeah, here are the cameras, as well. Arenโ€™t we just the picture of stylish perfection?

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