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AI - Goodbye to Garrett Amy Joanne Amp Colton ...

By popbytes

hey y'all! so tonight was the first elimination on **american idol** - four people left including **garrett haley**, **amy davis** (who i predicted would go home), **joanne borgella**, and cutie **colton berry** - i'm not surprised about any of them leaving especially ms. davis - she was simply awful! now we're down to twenty idol hopefuls still standing yet next week another four people will be cut (i want to see cheeseball jason yeager (who should sail away on a cruise ship) and spoiled brat kady malloy get the boot next thursday - she's so annoying - her pissy little attitude with the judges rubbed me the wrong way - you have to take the criticism with a smile and move on) anyways the weather here is still cold and kind of rainy - i have a sinking feeling that it'll be raining on this sunday's academy awards which is such a bummer (first no golden globes ceremony - and now this!) the ladies' dresses and jewelry need the sun to truly sparkle on the red carpet - so please keep your fingers crossed for southern california's famous sunny weather to prevail on oscar day! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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