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I’m a fan of baby carriers. Forget Dr. Sears’s weird baby carrier. Forget the Ergo or the Baby Bjorn. Today’s hip mama wears her baby with a Maya wrap or an EllaRoo. And now you can get those beautiful EllaRoo baby carriers at jwkbaby.com and help a stay at home mom of three follow a dream.

There are adorable, customized baby shirts and onesies, and Barefoot Books, too.

Did you wear your baby? I had to… I had what Dr. Sears lovingly refers to as a ‘high needs baby’. AKA, Oh. My. God. He wouldn’t be put down, had to be in my arms. Colic-y. Woke up fifteen bazillion times a night. I was a wreck for the first year of his life.

It was worth it though. Now, I’ve got a smart, funny, sweet, well-attached little guy who is my endless delight and pain in the ass (why why why why why why). I don’t think either of us would have survived those first 12 months without a sling, though. I could throw him on my back or in a hip carry and do things like cook dinner or vacuum the living room.

If you’re pregnant and considering modes of transportation, I can’t recommend a sling highly enough. I got rid of our stroller for anything but a long stroll through the city. For going places and getting things done, I just popped the kid in his Maya Wrap and we were off. It’s a lifesaver for older kids, too. Once the boy learned to walk, I didn’t have to worry about him in crowded malls or on busy streets. I just put him in the sling.

I’m about to loan mine to a friend of mine. I hope he appreciates them!

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