9 Grocery Items It's Worth Spending More on ...

I’m all in favour of reducing spending wherever possible, and when doing the grocery shop there are many ways of doing so. Some cheaper versions are just as good as their branded counterparts. However, other cheap items are not worth the savings. Here are the items I prefer to spend a little more on.

1. Toilet Paper

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This is absolutely, definitely, indisputably top of the list. It really is NOT worth subjecting sensitive areas of the body to cheap paper. Besides, you end up using more, so it’s a false economy.

2. Coffee

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Cheap coffee – is there a more vile, disgusting travesty than this? Always buy better quality.

3. Orange Juice

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I’ve just switched from buying cheap juice to 100% pure juice, and oh, the difference! The taste is far superior, and it’s less hassle than squeezing your own juice (and probably as cheap).

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Cheap bread is fine if you’re using it to make toast (although the nutritional content is another matter). If you want something that tastes good, though, you need to spend more.

5. Chocolate

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What horror, what travesty, lies underneath the wrapper of a cheap bar of chocolate? Now, I’m a true chocoholic, but I would rather eat less and buy better quality. Cheap brands just don’t taste right.

6. Ketchup

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If budget dictates, then cheaper ketchup is perfectly adequate, but it really isn’t the same as Heinz.

7. Washing up Liquid

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It’s definitely a false economy to buy a cheap version. You end up using twice as much, so don’t save any money in the long run. Buy a better brand and it will last longer.

8. Shampoo

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When I used cheap shampoo, my hair never felt in good condition. It also made my scalp itch. Really, cheap shampoo isn’t worth it, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to use anything. A bottle does last for ages, so why economise?

9. Bin Bags

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Cheap bin bags are fine if you’re only putting light items in them, but anything heavier and the bag is guaranteed to split as you are carrying it (probably spilling unmentionable substances all over your shoes). Best to spend a little more if your garbage includes heavier items.

What do you think about cheap vs. branded items? Are there some things that you refuse to economise on? Is it because you just don’t want to buy cheaper brands, or because you find them a waste of money?

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