7 Ways to save Money on Your Phone Bill ...

There are so many of us out there that are guilty of racking up a large cell or home phone bill, we get so carried away sometimes during our conversations that we forget it is actually costing us money. Here are 7 ways to save money on your phone bill.

7. Try Not to Make Information Phone Calls

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We are all guilty of phoning information at some point and asking for a phone number for somewhere or train times, and there is nothing wrong with this just as long as you are not doing it on a regular basis. Try to plan out what information you need in advance and use the internet or another cheaper method to search for it.

6. Make People Aware when You Are Going on Holiday

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When you go abroad and take your mobile phone with you, if anyone texts or phones you this also charges you as well. You should make sure that you let everyone know that you are going away on holiday and ask them not to contact you. If someone does phone you, only answer it if it is urgent.

5. Do Not Phone Your Voicemail Unless Absolutely Necessary

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Often people overlook the fact that to phone your voicemail, on most networks, can cost quite a bit of money. In my opinion only phone your voicemail if absolutely necessary, and by this I mean if you know that you have a message left for you. Make sure that you are prepared to jot down the number straight away so that you do not have to phone voicemail again.

4. Some Companies Offer an Employees Discount

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There are some companies out there that offer their employees incentives for working for them; this may include discounted phone calls or an employee phone. It is worthwhile checking with your employer to see whether this is the case because sometimes you do not even know that the scheme exists.

3. Family and Friends Plan

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It is quite common for people to think that they can only put relatives on a family plan but this is not the case. You are normally allowed to elect people that you know you will frequently phone and these calls will be cheaper, the amount of people that you elect varies depending on the company some only allow three whilst others allow ten or more.

2. Take It in Turns to Phone Each Other

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Sometimes you may find that you are always phoning a certain person and that they hardly ever phone you. In my opinion this is not fair, you should arrange to take it in turns to phone each other or one month you make all the phone calls and the next month it’s their turn. Just make sure that you make around the same amount of phone calls each month.

1. Research Various Phone Providers

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In my opinion this is the most important way to try to save money on your phone bill, you need to shop around and spend time looking for the best deal out there. Some networks offer bundles or tariffs where you pay a certain amount each month and received unlimited calls and texts. If this is not suitable then there are other providers out there who may have a better offer for you.

There you have 7 ways to save money on your phone bill. Hopefully this should help you to cut down on unnecessary waste and you should find a little more money sitting in the bank.

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