8 U.S. Landmarks to See This Summer ...

I love living in the U.S., and every summer, I take a road trip to see something I haven’t seen before, whether it’s the biggest ball of twine in the world, or the something more awe-inspiring, like a famous landmark. Hoe any of us have seen the faces on Mount Rushmore on TV or in a movie, but have no idea what it really looks like? Here’s my list of the 8 U.S. landmarks to see — in person! — this summer…

1. Mount Rushmore

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Photo Credit: Robby Edwards

How many movies and TV shows, even cartoons, have features the faces on Mount Rushmore? I can think of at least a dozen… but have you ever seen it for yourself? It’s truly awe-inspiring, and definitely well worth the trip to South Dakota. For more information about the park (yes, it’s actually a national park!), visit nps.gov .

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