8 Tips on Writing Love Letters ...


Love letters are not only fun to receive, but also to write. If you’ve never written one to your beloved and don’t know where to begin, then the following 8 tips on writing love letters might come in handy. These tips should also work for those who feel they aren’t good at writing love letters. Each tip provides information on little things you can do to help your letter get the reaction you are looking for.

8. Begin with Elegant Stationary

Great stationary is a perfect starting point with any letter, especially a love letter. It doesn’t have to be all froofry and covered in hearts to be considered for love letter stationary. Just make sure it is nice looking. Avoid writing a love letter on a piece of notebook paper that has a ring from your coffee cup. If you are able to be creative with that coffee cup stain, then go for it. However, starting with fresh and even somewhat elegant stationary will show you care, right from the start.

Don’t Be Formal and Dry in the Letter
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