8 Reasons Why Family is Not Always Best ...


Although itโ€™s said that blood is thicker than water, I know many people who have concluded that it simply isnโ€™t true in all cases. Certainly, ideally our family would be there to support us (and vice versa), but sometimes there just isnโ€™t a positive relationship โ€“ and when there is, family members may still not be the best people to turn to. Hereโ€™s why...

1. Thicker than Water?

Thicker than Water?

Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

Just because youโ€™re related doesnโ€™t mean you will get on. People envy me because I have a close relationship with my sisters, but that didnโ€™t happen automatically. It developed over time, and required an effort on both sides.

Bad Job
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