8 Places to See in Salem MA ...


8 Places to See in Salem MA ...
8 Places to See in Salem MA ...

Since my fiancee and I moved from metro Detroit to the suburbs of Boston, we’ve been exploring a lot. My fiancee had never lived anywhere else and I’ve always been in love with New England. The two of us have especially fallen in love with Salem, MA, though, and are rapidly trying to become regulars in the area. Sure, you can’t resist a lot of the tourist attractions, but there are also some great places off the beaten path. Here are 8 places to see in Salem!

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The Burying Point (aka the Charter Street Cemetery)

The Burying Point (aka the Charter Street Cemetery) Photo Credit: violet violence

Now, I don’t want to freak y’all out or anything, but I’m being serious here: we’ve totally seen things in the pictures we’ve taken there at night. Plus, there is something so electrifying about this place, it’s worth a trip. Right down Charter Street, down from the center of Old Salem, if you look for the Samuel Pickman House, you can find this easily.


Pickering Wharf

Pickering Wharf Photo Credit: DMC43 (Donna Cote)

Located at Salem Harbor, the wharf is delightful in a number of ways. The view is to die for, the salty scent of the air is invigorating (especially on rainy, crisp days), and it’s filled with colorful people and places. There are tons of amazing restaurants here, especially Victoria Station, and plenty of neat shops as well.


The Schooner Fame

The Schooner Fame Photo Credit: photoholic1

Whether you just watch the boats coming in on the harbor or actually take advantage of the ability to ride on one, like the famed Schooner Fame, the boat itself is certainly a sight to see. Sunset cruises are highly recommended, just make sure you dress warmly!


The Broad Street Cemetery

The Broad Street Cemetery Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke

Not quite as well known as the Burying Point, this cemetery is nearly as old, just as haunting, and almost as interesting. There are a few local mysteries linking the two of them, as well. The Broad Street Cemetery, however, features lots of rolling hills and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It’s also a popular place to let the dogs run, so it’s totally pet-friendly!


Artist’s Row

Artist’s Row Photo Credit: violet violence

A staple when you are visiting Old Salem, this colorful boulevard is a little like your last taste of modernity before you enter into the most historical area of the haunted old city. Lots of interesting and colorful people here, plus the opportunity to take art and music classes! Also home to…


The Lobster Shanty

The Lobster Shanty Photo Credit: violet violence

As seen recently on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” no less! I hate to disagree with Guy, but the pulled pork sandwiches are only legit if you like a really, really strong smoke flavor and a really sweet sauce -- but everything else is money!


The Derby Square Book Store

The Derby Square Book Store Photo Credit: violet violence

Oh man. If you are a bookworm, you have got to go here. A veritable labyrinth of literature, just about any book you can think of is somewhere in that towering maze of stacks. Books on local intrigues and histories are located toward the front. Stephen King is along the back wall of books. Beyond that, you’re on your own!


Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial Photo Credit: violet violence

This is also located near the Pickman House, it shares one wall with Samuel Pickman’s lovely garden and the rest with The Burying Point. In addition to being rich with history and mystery, there is also something surreal and calming about this special place. It is also a great place to scope The Burying Point and take pictures after sunset, when the cemetery is supposed to be off limits.

Salem feels like home to me. I actually hope to live where one day. Have you ever felt like that about a place where you hope to live?

Top Photo Credit: *MF3*

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