8 Places to See in Salem, MA ...

Since my fiancee and I moved from metro Detroit to the suburbs of Boston, we’ve been exploring a lot. My fiancee had never lived anywhere else and I’ve always been in love with New England. The two of us have especially fallen in love with Salem, MA, though, and are rapidly trying to become regulars in the area. Sure, you can’t resist a lot of the tourist attractions, but there are also some great places off the beaten path. Here are 8 places to see in Salem!

1. The Burying Point (aka the Charter Street Cemetery)

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Photo Credit: violet violence

Now, I don’t want to freak y’all out or anything, but I’m being serious here: we’ve totally seen things in the pictures we’ve taken there at night. Plus, there is something so electrifying about this place, it’s worth a trip. Right down Charter Street, down from the center of Old Salem, if you look for the Samuel Pickman House, you can find this easily.

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