8 Unusual Festivals from around the World ...


Food fight, coffins or giant penises– if you’re looking for a bizarre way to have fun, you are definitely not the only one! Weird traditions and unusual festivals are one of the most popular tourist attractions and if you think these festivals are rare and uncommon in today’s society, you’re in for a big surprise. Some of these have a deeper symbolic, religious and historic meaning while some are nothing more but a meaningless, all inclusive fun. So here they are – 8 world’s most unusual festivals listed and described.

1. Hadaka Matsuri

Hadaka Matsuri

Photo Credit: filmmaker in japan

Being dressed in nothing but a loincloth in January? No thanks! But I would really like to visit this Japanese festival and witness thousands of men doing so! This ritual is taking place all over Japan and is supposed to bring a sort of a purification or soul-cleansing to its participants.

Corpus Christi