8 Great Hostess Gifts ...

Perhaps even more important than being a gracious hostess is being a gracious, appreciative guest. That’s why, for every holiday party or dinner I’m invited to, I always bring a gift for the hostess. It’s a great tradition to start, and will guarantee you’ll be invited back every year! As the party and dinner invitations start to come in, I’m careful to set aside a gift I know the hostess will love, and this year, there are so many wonderful gifts to give! Here are my picks for 8 great hostess gifts.

1. Philosophy Candy Cane Lane Gift Set

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Price: $22.00 at philosophy.com
Everyone loves the bright, clean scent of peppermint, including hostesses who have spent hours preparing a meal or party for her guests. Show her oodles of well-deserved appreciation with this sweet candy cane-scented set, including a 2-in-1 bubble bath and shower gel, a body lotion, and a super-slick lip gloss. It might just give her the little perk-up she needs to get her through the rest of the holiday season…

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